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Germany, in the Long Run, Has Won the War

In 1915, before the start of WW1, Germany was secretly making plans on how to gain control of the world, and as a first step, its aim was to have colonies in Europe. The African colonies they had were not enough for them. To control the world, they had to have some advantage over England. They wanted to have colonies in advanced European countries, starting with Eastern Europe, where they would enslave the Slavs and suck out finances and other wealth from there. They also used the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, for their plans, when they financed Lenin and his comrades to start the revolution. They had a secret agreement with the Communists to withdraw Russia from fighting in the First World War and to help Germany colonize an extensive territory in Eastern Europe, including the Ukraine. Germany is thus directly responsible for creation of the Soviet Union and world Communism.

The same secret plans were then carried on by Hitler and his secret services SS, when they offered the Allies to end the Second World War – under a condition that Germany will be allowed to have Eastern European colonies. The same secret German plans continued to be nurtured after the war by the new German secret service BND, which was from the very beginning led by Hitler’s most faithful Nazis. The same BND, with its Nazi roots, then helped, for example, bring to power in the post-communist Czechoslovakia people like Havel and Schwarzenberg, whose families were known for their fascist past. These new politicians then wanted the return of the Sudeten Germans to Czechosovakia. The Germans also bought out the Czech printed media, and they managed to get their people into Czech television. Czechoslovakia, among other things, had very advanced research and development that was growing at a faster rate than in the West. All this was destroyed with the support of the German-controlled media.

The Japanese wanted to help with fast post-communist developments in Czechoslovakia and Hungary, which was in conflict with German plans for colonization of Eastern Europe. Japan’s plans were thwarted. Eastern Europe became German colony – part of their Reich 4. Czechoslovakia was unlawfully divided without a referendum and the Czech Republic became unlawfully a member of Hitler’s project – EU.

The European Union is controlled by Germany according to Hitler’s plan for the 4th Reich. It does not control it fully yet, but it is in its plans – to dominate Europe and then the world economically and through its secret service BND, the successor of the Nazi SS spy network.

Germany is responsible for the 80 million dead in World War II and a lot more million premature deaths after the war. It is a fact, which you will not find in any history textbooks.

The defeat of Germany in World War II was not a defeat, only the end of the wrong direction of controlling the world militarily – and establishment of a new direction to control the world economically with the help of BND and the money and wealth sucked out from its colonies of Eastern Europe.


Never Ending German Holocaust

German Quest to Kill 1-1/2 Billion and Enslave 1/2 Billion People

EU = Hitler’s Project = It Must Come to End!

  • 1870-71 war with France. Germany wants to unite and expand so it provokes and fights the French and gains a part of France. 20,000 killed.
  • 1904 World’s first genocide by Germans in Namibia, a German colony. A whole nation was killed in order to gain their land and farm animals for German colonizers. Approximately 100,000 people were killed as a preface of the following larger Nazi Holocaust. Germans established concentration camps and did medical experiments on innocent people by injecting them with poison, etc. All innocent women and children were slaughtered.
  • WW1: 16 million dead – plus 4 million died due to war contribution to influenza killings; total 20 million dead. The war was planned, starting in 1915 with Secret German “September Program” to colonize large areas of Europe. Yes, the war was planned; it did not happen by chance as history books teach.
  • USSR deaths. Germans are responsible for establishing Communism in Russia and related 8 million deaths, mainly via famine in the Ukraine. Not only that Germans financed Lenin & Co., their war created fertile ground for Lenin’s success and the birth of World Communism.
  • WW2. Germans are responsible for WW2 and 80 million deaths, including genocide of 6 million Jews and 1 million Gypsies. Their ultimate goal was to rule the world. Considering their racial ideology and practices, we can estimate that the goal was to kill some 1.5 billion people and enslave another roughly half a billion, but they lost the war, so they could not accomplish what they planned. They wanted the world to be ruled by Arians and they considered themselves to be the most Arian nation. Their allies, the Japanese, Spanish, Italians, Persians, Hungarians, Romanians, etc., were not Aryans, so after using them during the war, they would be dealt with extremely cruelly. Hitler may have called some of his allies Arians, but that would change after winning the war. Most Slavic people would be killed, some enslaved, because, despite being Caucasian, they were not Arian like Germans. Arian baby factories were created, where German soldiers had sex with German women – baby-makers – to rapidly increase Arian population.  Non Caucasian nation would be generally killed at even higher rate than the Slavs, as they were as worthless as the Jews. In 1944 Hitler planned Reich 4, which is today called EU. It is a Nazi project, in which Germany will be becoming ever-increasing force – as a pretext to world domination.
  • Poisoning. After the war The Germans sold to tens of countries medicine Contegan, which caused newborns to have missing limbs, which the Germans were fully aware of, but hid this fact. Let’s estimate 1 million premature dead.
  • Germany’s established Soviet Communism, which spread to China and other parts of the world and led to another 100 million deaths and at least 200 million slaves.
  • Congo Deaths. Subsidiary of German aspirin maker Bayer is responsible for tragedy in Congo, when it fueled the civil war to control Coltan mining, thus being responsible for some 1 million deaths.
  • Germany colonized Eastern Europe and in the Czech Republic are responsible for the tragedy that hundreds of thousands of Czech men with basic education die 15 years earlier than they normally would. These deaths are just the tip of an iceberg. Some 10% people in EE die prematurely because of the German colonization – about 10 million premature deaths. Another 90 million people are enslaved.
  • Volkswagen deaths. And the killing continues. Here is just one of the examples. Volkswagen cheated for 10 years word-wide on emissions of their diesel cars, causing illness, cancer, and tens of thousands of early deaths, thus creating a never-ending extension to the German Holocaust.


German Plan Was to Kill 1.5 Billion People

The Germans are responsible for some 220 million deaths or killings and enslaving some at least 290 million people, although their actual goal was to kill some 1.5 billion and enslave another half a billion. They so far achieved only 15 and 58% of their goal.



Current German Government Nationalism (Neo-Nazism)


  • Frau Markel is criticizing other European states for nationalism, because they do not want to accept current wave of Islamic refugees. She is concerned with these states violating human rights of these people, whose culture is not compatible with European culture and whose practices are in direct conflict with Constitutions of these states.
  • Herr Posset is criticizing Czech Republic for killing some Germans right after WW2, after Germans massacred hundreds of thousands of Czechs. It is a Goebbels-like propaganda, which continues in Germany from the Hitler’s era. Germany is responsible for these killings. If they did not invade Czechoslovakia and were not killing its people, this would have never happened.
  • European Union (EU) is a federation, where EU laws stand over national laws, therefore it is one country, with individual states. But the fact is that the West enslaved the Eastern European nations. The difference in minimum wage in EU countries is 10:1. In one Western European country it is 10x higher than in another Eastern European. It is because Eastern Europe (EE) was more or less destroyed so its population can be enslaved according to Germany’s Hitler’s plans.
  • EU is Hitler’s project. Frau Merkel and Herr Posset are descendants of a Hitler-loving nation, which hated the Jews and other “subhuman” peoples, a hatred-filled nation, which considered itself superior, which never compensated families of those they killed, or was responsible for their killings.
  • Germans are directly responsible for tremendous human right violations in the Czech Republic – by supporting them with their “Czech” press, which they bought. Czech Constitutional Order guarantees among other rights the right to an apartment and to a job. All this was violated at the applause of the German controlled Czech media.
  • Germany enslaved Czech people and also other nations in Eastern Europe, as it was instrumental in destroying Czech and other nations’ industries, by enslaving these nations in EU, the Reich 4. This ex Nazi nation with history of subhuman behavior and current colonization practices, which are all very nationalistic and Nazi-like can’t criticize anyone. It can’t criticize president Trump, for being nationalistic, and it can’t criticize Russia for its policies, when Germany itself is fully involved in the process of colonizing Ukraine, according to its WW1 and WW2 plans.
  • One day the cup of tolerating German Goebbels-type lies will overflow and the Russian and other nations will return to Germany what it has done to them. All it takes are some nuclear missiles in the next conflict, which Germany will be a part of.
  • After WW2 winning powers wanted to make Germany into an agricultural state. One day it may wish it would be one, because its nation may get forever erased from the surface of Earth.


Nazi Spies in “Democratic” West Germany

  • In the early 1970’s West German intelligence (spy) service BND employed 5,500 people and 12,000 agents.
  • The first chief of BND (1956-68) was Reinhard Gehlen, a Hitler’s general.
  • BND’s second chief, Gerhard Wessel, Hitler’s officer, was at one time working for Gehlen.
  • German Embassies are centers of German spy activities. Even in the 1970’s there were still tens of known Nazi diplomats with fascist spy past, who continued with their spy activities for West Germany. Here are ten of them, all previous Hitler’s spies:

o   Dr. Eckart Briest. In WW2 worked for the fascist spy services of the Foreign Ministry (Department of State), was a spy in Finland, China, and USA. In West Germany worked as an ambassador in New Zealand, Ireland, Paraguay, and Uruguay. (My note: Latin American countries were the main hiding places for German Nazis. How instrumental was post-war Germany in helping them into and in these safe heavens is unknown, but because of its close ties to the US spy service, which was helping with the Nazi exodus to South America, one can see the importance of an ex-Nazi spy to have an ambassador post in this part of the world.)

o   Günter Diehl. Fascist spy, a specialist in psychological warfare, worked against France and Belgum; in Western Germany was an ambassador in India.

o   Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz, chief of Hitler’s spy network in Scandinavia. In West Germany diplomat in Denmark, Finland, and India.

o   Prof. Dr. Wilhem Grewe, high post in Himler’s offices. In West Germany ambassador for Japan, USA, and NATO.

o   Hans-Heinrich Heerwarth von Bittenfeld, Hitler Germany’s diplomat and spy in Moscow; in West Germany ambassador to Italy and Great Britain.

o   Franz Krapf, SS officer, worked as a Hitler’s spy in Japan. In West Germany ambassador at NATO in Brussels (prior to that in France, USA, and Japan).

o   Karl Kuno Overbeck, Hitler’s spy in Hungary and Finland. In West Germany ambassador in France, Sweden, Finland, South Africa, and Ireland.

o   Dr. Hans Schirmer. SS officer, expert on spying and psychological warfare. In West Germany ambassador in Australia and Austria.

o   Dr. Gustav-Adolf Sonnenhol, SS officer, worked in Himler’s Foreign Ministry; worked against France and Switzerland. In West Germany ambassador to France, South Africa, and Turkey.

o   JUDr. Luitpold Werz, spy in Spain, Australia, South America, and Mozambique. In West Germany Ambassador to Argentina and Spain.

  • Many German organizations have strong ties to BND. One of them is the Goethe Institute, which probably has some 160 foreign branches. BND placed Nazi spies there too. Here are couple of names:

o   K. H. Abshagen, Nazi spy, worked against the British in Bulgaria and Turkey. Advisor to the institute’s central office and chief of the London branch.

o   Richard Wolf, Hitler’s anti-British spy in Yugoslavia, director of the institute

  • BND has proven contacts with foundations (nonprofit organizations), e.g. the Foundation of Konrad Adenauer:

o   Kai-Uwe von Hassel, Nazi spy instructor; in West Germany a leading member of the foundation

o   Frans Thedieck; organized pro German movement in Austria and Belgium. In West Germany a chief of the foundation

  • BND is practically not subjected to any control, although there is a nine-member legislative committee that is to check on BND activities. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote on the 18th of March 1971: “This committee … has no control rights. The federal government can feed it only what suits them.” Most of the members of the committee are past Nazi army, navy, or air force soldiers or officers.

German post-WW2-Organization, Sudeten-German Landsmanshaft

includes primarily Germans who after WW2 escaped or were forced to leave Czechoslovakia, because they collaborated with, or sympathized with the Nazis. This organization receives funds from the German government and was allowed to open up its office in Prague. Here is a list of some of the organization’s leaders, from a time period of decades after WW2:

o   Dr. Victor Aschenbrenner, Nazi chief of spies working against Czechoslovakia and organizer of German antigovernment movement in Czechoslovakia. In West Germany a high official of the Landsmanshaft and a chief of its cultural committee.

o   JUDr. Walter Brandt (JUDr. = attorney), chief of staff of a Nazi spy unit and organizer of German antigovernment movement in Czechoslovakia. In West Germany an official of the Landsmanshaft.

o   JUDr. Felix Jashenk – Nazi spy in Czechoslovakia; in West Germany a member of the central assembly of the Landsmanschaft.

o   Adolf Metzner – Nazi spy and state chief of the Hitler’s Party; in West Germany a member of the leadership of the Landsmanschaft.

o   JUDr. Walter Zawadil – organizer of German antigovernment movement in Czechoslovakia, official of the Hitler’s Party; in West Germany a chief of the legal committee of this Landsmanshaft.

This information is based on a Czech-language book “Tajna sluzba bez masky” (Secret service without a mask), which is a translation of an excellent German book on BND (German equivalent of CIA), called Nicht länger Geheim, written by Col. PhDr. Albrecht Charisius and Dr. Julius Mader, Dr.Sc.

Julius Mader’s books aree considered highly reliable and more accurate. You can read on reliability of information presented in Mader books in e.g. “Cold War History” publication, Vol. 5, No. 2, May 2005, which includes an excellent research article written by Paul Maddrell of the Department of International Politics of University of Wales.


EU = Hitler’s Project

The following is one of the WW2 intelligence reports, which helps to confirm it

US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128

Enclosure No. 1 to despatch No. 19,489 of Nov. 27, 1944, from
the Embassy at London, England.

Office of Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2
7 November 1944

SUBJECT: Plans of German industrialists to engage in underground activity after Germany’s defeat; flow of capital to neutral countries.

SOURCE: Agent of French Deuxieme Bureau, recommended
by Commandant Zindel. This agent is regarded as
reliable and has worked for the French on German
problems since 1916. He was in close contact with
the Germans, particularly industrialists, during
the occupation of France and he visited Germany
as late as August, 1944.

1. A meeting of the principal German industrialists with
interests in France was held on August 10, 1944, in the Hotel
Rotes Haus in Strasbourg, France, and attended by the informant
indicated above as the source. Among those present
were the following:
Dr. Scheid, who presided, holding the rank of S.S.
and Director of the Heche
(Hermandorff & Schonburg) Company
Dr. Kaspar, representing Krupp
Dr. Tolle, representing Rochling
Dr. Sinderen, representing Messerschmitt
Drs. Kopp, Vier and Beerwanger, representing
Captain Haberkorn and Dr. Ruhe, representing Bussing
Drs. Ellenmayer and Kardos, representing
Engineers Drose, Yanchew and Koppshem, representing
various factories in Posen, Poland (Drose, Yanchew
and Co., Brown-Boveri, Herkuleswerke, Buschwerke,
and Stadtwerke)
Captain Dornbuach, head of the Industrial Inspection
Section at Posen
Dr. Meyer, an official of the German Naval Ministry in
Dr. Strossner, of the Ministry of Armament, Paris.

2. Dr. Scheid stated that all industrial material in France
was to be evacuated to Germany immediately. The battle of
France was lost for Germany and now the defense of the
Siegried Line was the main problem. From now on also
German industry must realize that the war cannot be won
and that it must take steps in preparation for a post-war commercial
campaign. Each industrialist must make contacts and
alliances with foreign firms, but this must be done individually
and without attracting any suspicion. Moreover, the ground
would have to be laid on the financial level for borrowing considerable
sums from foreign countries after the war. As examples
of the kind of penetration which had been most useful in
the past, Dr. Scheid cited the fact that patents for stainless
steel belonged to the Chemical Foundation, Inc., New York,
and the Krupp company of Germany jointly and that the U.S.
Steel Corporation, Carnegie Illinois, American Steel and Wire,
and national Tube, etc. were thereby under an obligation to
work with the Krupp concern. He also cited the Zeiss
Company, the Leisa Company and the Hamburg-American
Line as firms which had been especially effective in protecting
German interests abroad and gave their New York addresses
to the industrialists at this meeting.

3. Following this meeting a smaller one was held presided
over by Dr. Bosse of the German Armaments Ministry and
attended only by representatives of Hecho, Krupp and
Rochling. At this second meeting it was stated that the Nazi
Party had informed the industrialists that the war was practically
lost but that it would continue until a guarantee of the
unity of Germany could be obtained. German industrialists
must, it was said, through their exports increase the strength
of Germany. They must also prepare themselves to finance
the Nazi Party which would be forced to go underground as
Maquis (in Gebirgaverteidigungastellen
gehen). From now on
the government would allocate large sums to industrialists so
that each could establish a secure post-war foundation in foreign
countries. Existing financial reserves in foreign countries
must be placed at the disposal of the Party so that a
strong German Empire can be created after the defeat. It is
also immediately required that the large factories in Germany
create small technical offices or research bureaus which
would be absolutely independent and have no known connection
with the factory. These bureaus will receive plans and
drawings of new weapons as well as documents which they
need to continue their research and which must not be
allowed to fall into the hands of the enemy. These offices are
to be established in large cities where they can be most successfully
hidden as well as in little villages near sources of
hydro-electric power where they can pretend to be studying
the development of water resources. The existence of these is
to be known only by very few people in each industry and by
chiefs of the Nazi Party. Each office will have a liaison agent
with the Party. As soon as the Party becomes strong enough
to re-establish its control over Germany the industrialists will
be paid for their effort and cooperation by concessions and

4. These meetings seem to indicate that the prohibition
against the export of capital which was rigorously enforced
until now has been completely withdrawn and replaced by a
new Nazi policy whereby industrialists with government
assistance will export as much of their capital as possible.
Previously exports of capital by German industrialists to
neutral countries had to be accomplished rather surreptitiously
and by means of special influence. Now the Nazi
party stands behind the industrialists and urges them to save
themselves by getting funds outside Germany and at the same
time to advance the party’s plans for its post-war operation.
This freedom given to the industrialists further cements their
relations with the Party by giving them a measure of

5. The German industrialists are not only buying agricultural
property in Germany but are placing their funds abroad,
particularly in neutral countries. Two main banks through
which this export of capital operates are the Basler Handelsbank
and the Schweizerische Kreditanstalt of Zurich. Also
there are a number of agencies in Switzerland which for a
5 percent commission buy property in Switzerland, using a
Swiss cloak.

6. After the defeat of Germany the Nazi Party recognizes
that certain of its best known leaders will be condemned as
war criminals. However, in cooperation with the industrialists
it is arranging to place its less conspicuous but most important
members in positions with various German factories as
technical experts or members of its research and designing

For the A.C. of S., G-2.
G-2, Economic Section
Prepared by
Same as EW-Pa 1,
U.S. Political Adviser, SHAEF
British Political Adviser, SHAEF


  • The Reich would continue after losing the war. Lesser known Nazi party members would run the country – as the main ones will be tried as war criminals. 
  • He who controls secret services of a country, controls the country. It is one of the rules of politics that the public is not aware of.
  • Germany lost the war in the year 1945 and in 1956 established its secret service BND, which was from the start run by Hitler’s most trusted Nazi spies, only now no longer Nazis, but 100% democrats. How does one change overnight from the most trusted supporter of genocide of Jews and Gypsies to someone who truly loves the Gypsies and Jews, escapes one’s normal way of thinking.
  • In 1989, after the fall of Communism, BND showed its real face when it was instrumental in colonizing Eastern Europe, thus creating Reich 4, via proxies, as a stepping stone to slowly rule world – again via proxies. 



Disclaimer: Everything is presented the way the author, a conspiracy theorist, sees things, which is incorrect, including politically, and differs from the way establishment sees them, which is correct, politically included.