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Film „Reich 4“ (4th Reich EU)

It starts before WW1, ends after WW4, and is based on a true story and psychic visions of the future.

Tell the truth and expect to be punished. If you don’t stop, you’ll die! World how we have known it will never ever be the same!

This is a preliminary unchecked presentation treatment.



  • Congo Genocide
  • Prophecy
  • The Great War
  • Betrayal
  • Holocaust
  • Years of Innocence
  • Old Man’s Dream
  • Escape
  • New Betrayal
  • WW3
  • Revenge
  • Colonization
  • Never-ending Holocaust
  • Islamization
  • Visions of a Revolution
  • Visions of WW4
  • Visions of The Beginning


Brief Summary and Explanation

When Germany suffered big losses on the Eastern Front, Hitler realized that he will lose the war and his 3rd Reich will be finished, therefore he and his secret services (SS and Gestapo) planned a future Reich – the 4th Reich, where Germany would control large area of the world not militarily, but economically and via its new postwar secret services, which were established in 1956 as BND, and were from the beginning led by top ex Nazi spies – with a hidden agenda to establish new, 4th Reich, which is now already fully in place, although the mainstream media keeps quiet about it. There are decoy, or incorrect works, which claim that 4th Reich is the United States, or that Germany will create it in the future, but the reality is very different.

There is a family – and it’s for real – whose number of members have for generations had strong clairvoyant abilities and one of the current members has had very vivid visions of the future and is ready to come forward to let the world know – as the time for a never-before-seen mega catastrophe is getting close. This dangerous situation needs to be stopped! We have already shot an interview with him. In the past he was able to accurately predict a number of world events. We have a proof that certain organization tried to recruit him, but he refused to cooperate. Although the establishment media is aware of some of his predictions, it is keeping a total silence about it. Our film will break that silence.

As we are standing at the crossroads of where humans are going, these visions of the future are extremely important guides for the whole mankind – as it is extremely hard for a normal person to see the truth – as practically all important things are covered in layers of false information and lies.

The following is a presentation treatment of a movie that uncovers the hidden truth of the turbulent past, the hidden forces behind the turbulent present, and shows psychic visions and final climax of the new, much more turbulent future.

Again, it is based on a true story and psychic visions of what we are going to face.


Film Scenes – preliminary

This is very preliminary version to show the facts; final version will naturally be corrected and simplified.

  1. CONGO GENOCIDE From 1885 to 1908, German-speaking Belgian King Leopold II, son of German prince Leopold, under cloak of a humanitarian organization, was responsible for killing 10.000.000 Congo blacks, raping their women, enslaving the entire population, dismembering, brutally beating and killing those slaves, who did not meet work quotas to harvest rubber from trees, when they refused to climb so high, that branches were so thin, that they would fall to death. The colonizers burned their villages, fed them rotten meat so they were dying of disease, cut off their sexual organs and heads, and crucified their children.
  2. PROPHECY What happens this day, Vera will never forget. It is the beginning of the 20th century. She, a schoolgirl, wakes up on the summer eve on a meadow at the edge of a forest. The early evening skies have weird red block cloud formations. You can hear the wind and as it is getting dark, she sees in a distance something moving, making noise and with two bright eyes that shine. It is the devil! In Poland, where her family migrated to from Bohemia. Actually it is a car, which she never saw before. She’s running away from the devil. At home her grandma talks in a trance-like state, from her sleep, to the sound of a starting storm, and Vera’s mom is writing it down. Vera is not to disclose it to anyone. The room is lit up by a candle and there is thunderstorm in the background.
  3. THE GREAT WAR  Prior to WW1 Germany was, after Great Britain and France, the 3rd biggest colonial power, with number of colonies in Africa. They treated the black population in a similar way they later on treated the Jews during Hitler’s time. They were massacring them. The Germans, wanting the local land and farm animals, massacred a whole nation in Namibia, their colony. The ruthless inhuman Germans had no problem killing even all helpless women and children. This was world’s first genocide or Holocaust. Approximately 100,000 innocent people were massacred as a preface of the larger Nazi Holocaust, but African colonies were not enough for Germany. It wanted European colonies. It wanted to colonize as much of Europe as it could. WW1 did not happen because Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot by a Serbian terrorist, but because Germany planned it. Germany secretly planned these events, wanting to colonize its neighbors, in its secret „September Program“ of 1914. Several years later Germany was the major force behind the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and in 1918 negotiated, with its leaders, disengagement of Russia from the war and giving to Germany vast territories under its control, going as far as Ukraine, which was to become an independent state that Germany planned to colonize. At the end Germany lost the war, but soon a new German visionary appeared on the scene, with the same imperialistic desires – Adolf Hitler.
  4. German-speaking count Kalergi of German-speaking Austria, birthplace of Hitler, prepared a plan to destroy European nations, and thus creating United States of Europe, by bringing in massive immigration of Africans and Asians, thus creating a population mass, which would have no national identity, and which would be easily controlled.
  5. BETRAYAL  Great Britain and France refuse to help its ally Czechoslovakia, which amassed its very large army along German border, ready to fight expected German invasion. If its allies will not betray it, Hitler will be finished quickly and for good, but instead, behind Czechoslovakia’s back, top British and French politicians meekly visit Hitler in Germany and give it OK to annex the Czech Sudetenland. As Czechoslovakia would be able to fight alone the 5x more populous Germany for couple months only, it signs the treacherous treaty, to save millions of lives of its citizens, which are eager to fight the German Nazi vermin. As a result, hundreds of thousands of Czechs are immediately kicked out from Sudetenland and their properties are confiscated by Germans. They have hardy any time to leave.
  6. Poland soon carves out a piece of Czechoslovakia for itself; so does Hungary. There is the Night of Broken Glass in Hitler’s 3rd Reich – pogrom on the Jews. Anna, the daughter of Vera, a rebel high school student, discusses with friends new, more just world order – as German troops are occupying Bohemia. Slovakia, with its clero-fascist government, splits away from Czechoslovakia. From what is left of it becomes German Protectorate Böhmen und Märhen (Bohemia and Moravia), which is highly industrial and produces on large scale quality weapons, only now no longer for its defense, but for German offense. Czech automaker Tatra makes advanced aerodynamic cars, which Hitler admires, German army officers and pilots love to drive fast on the Autobahn, and Ferdinand Porsche ignores its patents when is more or less copying a small Tatra model while designing the original Volkswagen. The Nazis make sure that Tatra lawsuit against Porsche is dropped. German – Japanese Axis is created.
  7. HOLOCAUST  German occupation of Europe. Jews are being massacred. Gypsies are being massacred. Babies born to slave labor are left in newborn wards of major German companies, like Volkswagen, to rot and be eaten alive by insects and vermin. Aspirin inventor Bayer, major founder and co-owner of IG Farben, uses 20.000 slaves in its factories and treats them as sub humans; other German companies do the same. IG Farben develops gas Zyclone B to be used in gas chambers. It cooperates with Doctor Mengele and operates concentration camp Auschwitz. (Nazi Holocaust icons – Hitler, Bayer, Auschwitz, Volkswagen, Buchenwald, Mercedes-Benz, Hugo Boss, Dachau, BMW, Trebinka, Audi, Doctor Mengele, Porche, gas chambers, Nestle’s subsidiary Maggi, Deutsche Bank, Zyclone B, Siemens, Gestapo, etc., etc.) Meanwhile in the US, Monsanto makes cancer and other illness causing PCB’s.
  8. Slava, Vera’s nephew, is in the Russian guerrilla movement. They catch a German general and he discloses everything to a Russian spy, who they imprison with him, who speaks perfect German, and who later takes on his identity and mingles with high ranking Nazis. It is in the Rovno district of Poland. The Germans are very scared. Slava is in a hit team and unnoticed is observing Anna passing by.
  9. „The Final Solution to The Jewish Question“ is discussed at top level Nazi „Wannsee Conference“ in Berlin in January 1942. All Jews, as an inferior race, are going to be exterminated. Then, after heavy losses on the Eastern Front, Hitler in the year 1943 realizes that Germany will lose the war and starts to plan for the next Reich, the 4th Reich, later on to be called EU, where Germany would dominate and control things not through military, but economic strength, and naturally through its secret services, which currently are called SS and Gestapo. Prior to that Germany is to amass tremendous wealth and hide it overseas – primarily in Switzerland. This secret hidden wealth will be used to rebuild Germany.
  10. The Nazis realize that after the war they must cooperate with their current enemy, offer them as much assistance as possible, while at the same time will have to try to carve as much of benefits as possible for themselves. They also realize that the Jews will want revenge, but at the same time see that the Western powerful mainstream elites that are fighting Germany don’t like the Jews, or don’t care for them. That is obvious even from the way they bomb the Germans. While they can help the Jews in the process, they do not do so at all – and some of these elites even gave support to Hitler from the beginning, including some very powerful members of the British royal family. Massacre of the Japanese, an inferior race, by the Germans, which was planned after winning the war, has to be scrapped too.
  11. WW2 is near its end. Instead of the Germans dropping nuclear bombs on Japan, as they planned, the Americans do it instead. Slava and his friend visit Anna’s family; dressed up and acting like some diplomats. The Jews are planning a revenge. They want to poison water in all German cities; then they back out from the plan. Germans, who were members or supporters of the Hitler’s Nazi Party, and that was great majority of them, were kicked out of Sudetenland according to Potsdam treaties signed by the winning powers. Germany is to become an agricultural state, but it offers its spies to the Western powers in exchange for being able to become an industrial country.
  12. YEARS OF INNOCENCE  Anna’s family returns to Czechoslovakia. State of Israel is established. Anna, with son Georgy in her arms, gets caught on the border with Germany while trying to escape from Czechoslovakia, which became Communist. Slava, who is actually a KGB agent, secretly arranges for a very short jail time.
  13. Sony makes world’s 1st transistor radio in 1954, with their own transistors, which at that time hardly anyone in the world knew how to produce. It was a phenomenal achievement, as the company started in a utility room of a bombed out department store in Tokyo as a radio repair shop. The cabinet material is not heat resistant, so Sony does not market the product, but markets an improved version in 1955. Japan has no stashed stolen wealth like Germany has. What Sony was able to accomplish was through very hard work. Ex Nazis connected executives, directly or indirectly connected to IG Farben or its founding company Bayer, sell via German company  Grünenthal to tens of countries medicine Contergan (was also sold under other names), which is causing newborns to have missing limbs, which the company is fully aware of, but hides this fact, which only proves that German atrocities did not stop with the end of war – the German Holocaust has its continuation. The drug was developed at Grünenthal by mass Nazi murderers, who during the war did their experiments in concentration camps. Anna, after returning from jail, is not allowed to live in the old Czech resort town Carlsbad. Slava helps.
  14. Practically all German war criminals are free by now and are again in charge of German companies. West German secret service BND is established and is run by the biggest possible Nazi lowlife – by Hitler’s top, stop-at-nothing, love-mass-murdering-Jews spies. Similar lowlife runs Sudetenland Landsmanschaft, an organization, which does not recognize legitimacy of the decision of the Potsdam treaty. It wants return of Germans to Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland. Both of these ex Nazi-led organizations embraced Hitler’s doctrine of creating the 4th Reich. At the same time Germans start to allow Turkish workers to come to Germany. They try to show that they are not racists. They are well aware that the Jews believe in the Old Testament, which says “eye for eye, tooth for tooth”, and that Israel is growing in strength. So they are accommodating the Jews, helping those, who want to return or settle in Germany, while totally discriminating the Gypsies, who they were exterminating the same way. Germany and German companies refuse to compensate practically all of the WW2 victims. Compensation is not in Hitler’s 4th Reich plans. To have these plans carried out, they are promoting hatred in schools, where they teach lies like that expelling of the Germans from Sudetenland was a death march, same as death march of Jews to concentration camps, which is the most outrageous lie, as only Nazis and their supporters were expelled from Czechoslovakia and it was done orderly and unbelievably peacefully, considering the atrocities these beasts inflicted on the Czech nation.
  15. In 1958, years after Sony, several Western European companies make their first transistor radios, generally from purchased transistors, not their own. In the same year Czech electronic company Tesla makes and markets the first Eastern European transistor radio, made with transistors, which they developed themselves. The Soviets and East Germans tried it too, but Czechs R&D was more advanced. What is interesting is that it took West Germans years longer to accomplish this than it took the Japanese, despite the fact that German electronic industries were more advanced and had a lot of looted money stashed in Switzerland, which they could use freely. When someone asks Georgy who he wants to be when he grows up, he answers „the president.“ He does not understand why anyone would want to be anything less. Anna is called to the personnel dept. Personnel supervisor tells her that when applying for a job she did not mention her jail term. Then takes her file, which was sent by the previous employer, tears up the incarceration record, and says: “You have not seen anything.” (Actually Slava helped.)
  16. OLD MAN’S DREAM  Georgy goes through large wooden trunk of valuable stuff that Grandma has; finds the Stone Woman’s prophecy. Later on that day he lies on a meadow, falls asleep, and when he opens his eyes, sees weird sky with clouds in red block formations. He thinks that this may be a nuclear war. Then at night he wakes up from a nightmare of a nuclear war.
  17. Georgy defends schoolmate in an unjust attack by a bully. Mother tells Georgy that Kennedy was killed. Everyone at home is very sad. Two days later Kennedy’s killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, gets assassinated. His assassin, Jack Ruby, is a dying man – has terminal cancer. Georgy finds the Old Man’s Dream prophecy; it is the same as his dream. He listens to Radio Free Europe (RFE), a CIA station, and is imagining New York to be the cleanest city – with buildings made of white marble.
  18. A teacher tells a student with a Jewish name to stand up, and then asks him what nationality is he. Some classmates giggle, when he says Czech. Then the teacher tells another student to shave his sideburns – that he looks like a Polish Jew. Georgy (now George, as he’s a teenager already) helps a long haired young anticommunist get away from the police. Another time he’s riding in a bus, standing up and sees a blooded body of a man, who was hit in a car accident. He nearly faints. The man stands up, is all bloody, and suddenly is next to George and whispers in his ear: „You will know the right one! You will know the right way! You must not tell anyone until the time comes!“ George asks „When, please tell me when!“ Things are out of focus and are getting focused again. There are people around George as he asks „Where is the man; where did he go?“ Woman asks: „What man?“ George: „The one hit in the accident. He was here.“ Woman: „He’s dead; he was not here; the ambulance drove off with him. You have fainted.“ George screams: „I need to see the man!“ The Woman: „Calm down! You had a shock!“ Czechoslovakia is a highly industrial country; has 1,300-1,400 industries. Japan is world’s second with about 800-900. Martin Luther King Jr. gets assassinated. Two months later Robert Kennedy gets assassinated. There is Russian occupation of Czechoslovakia. Monsanto becomes known for producing toxic Agent Orange and cooperates with Hitler’s favorite company, Bayer.
  19. ESCAPE  George takes one-day trip to Vienna, Austria, from where he immigrates to America. The New York Subway is dirty, ugly. He can’t believe how dirty the city is. He never saw homeless people before. He never forgets the image of a homeless man lying on the sidewalk, in a puddle of urine and people, even cops, just walk around him; he does not understand why no one helps him. For a long time, he thinks that New York is just a bad dream, from which he will wake up. This is not what RFE (Radio Free Europe) broadcasted, and it was broadcasting the truth, while the Communists lied about America, but even they never portrayed the streets the way he saw them. He admires Sony products, which are superior in quality for listening short waves, on which he listened to RFE in Czechoslovakia.
  20. George works for year and a half; then goes back to college. His roommate tells him that it was the CIA, who killed Kennedy. He does not believe it. USA is a democracy. George lives with his Japanese girlfriend – student Mari. She works at night as a waitress in the Little Tokyo of Los Angeles, where not police, but the mafia protects businesses. She meets there No. 1 Japanese-American Yakuza gangster and starts working for one of his business operations as a secretary. Some of the gangsters Mari meets are missing a finger; others, who did not just get drunk and did not carry on the boss‘ orders, but betrayed him in a much bigger way, committed hara-kiri. One gangster was missing his whole hand. Instead of chopping off his finger, he wanted to prove his loyalty to the boss, so he chopped off the whole hand.
  21. George’s son, who is just learning to talk, wakes up in the middle of the night and screams „Mommy accident.“ Mom was actually hurt in an accident that night on her vacation’s trip to Peru’s Machu Picchu. Sony becomes one of the world’s most valuable brands. Yashima, Japanese artist – Mari’s teacher, introduces George to Akio Morita, CEO of Sony. George tells him shortly some of his ideas about Sony and marketing its products in the US. Morita likes what he’s hearing and asks George if he could put it all down in detail on paper and send it to him. John Lennon gets assassinated. Subsidiary of Hitler’s favorite company Bayer  sells HIV tinted products mainly to 3rd world countries, when they are prohibited to do so in the US, causing many patients to develop AIDS.
  22. DeLorean drug trafficking case gets dismissed after his lawyers totally discredit a crooked FBI agent. George works for Caltech; is laid off for writing a report, as a part of his work, in which he uncovers lighting industry conspiracy. Other researchers there hate one of the largest lamp manufacturers, which attacked their work as vehemently as George’s – with falsified data. George starts to promote changes in American society, like taxation according to damages, subsidies according to benefits; promotes writing English phonetically, shows how hundreds of billions are wasted due to the lighting conspiracy, etc. His apartment is broken into and important things and documents are missing. The police refuse to take fingerprints even from a ladder, which was used.
  23. NEW BETRAYAL  Monsanto is producing toxic pesticide Roundup. US are announcing that they are developing the Stealth Bomber, which will be totally invisible to radar. 21 were produced at a cost of 1 billion per plane. 2 years before they are starting to be put in service, the Czech company Tesla secretly developed unique passive radar Ramona, followed by Tamara, which could track these bombers from hundreds miles away. Morita wants Japan to be independent of the US, move into Eastern Europe and quickly make out of Czechoslovakia and Hungary highly prosperous states, not knowing that Germany has a plan to make its colonies out of them according to the Hitler’s plan for the 4th Reich. Morita’s plan, written together with one known Japanese senator, is secretly translated to English and is presented to the US Congress. The congressmen are strongly criticizing it, so Morita, who does not want bad publicity for Sony, publicly backs out from his ideas. Czechs and Slovaks are again betrayed by the West, which rather than letting them become highly prosperous, allows Germany to colonize them and move them from advanced industrial world to the third word one.
  24. Anna, George’s mother, is visiting George, from Czechoslovakia. He has a dream. Caucasian people are fighting a new war. They lose and are being taken into concentration camps by brown skinned men, among other things. George’s mother stands next to him, looking intensely at him. He wakes up and has hard time moving because of the scary intensity of his dream. He finally says: „They were being put in concentration camps.“ Mother answers: „I know.“ Olof Palme, Prime Minister of Sweden, who supports Sweden’s neutrality, is assassinated. A major roadblock to Sweden’s future membership of Hitler’s EU is thus eliminated.
  25. WW3  It starts with the fall of Communism and continues with the First Gulf War. It becomes a fight for natural resources and for colonization of Eastern Europe (EE) by Germany. It is not fought as conventional wars. High ranking Communists move from political to the economic system. Secret police files of Communist traitors, agents and other scum are secretly burned and these people or their family members move into politics and other powerful positions. People from these treacherous families are celebrated in Western media as true democratic leaders. Volkswagen buys Skoda, the largest Czech automaker. It bids billions of Czech crowns less than the highest bidder; still wins the bid – in a country, which Germany is beginning to corrupt and colonize per Hitler’s plans.
  26. Sony makes a move to get a part of the US TV and film industry; not because it wants to control it, but because it wants to be strong in content, like films and TV programs, which it sees necessary because its superior Beta video format lost to inferior JVC/Matsushita’s VHS. So Sony buys Columbia Pictures, but the US worries of Japan influencing American public opinion, especially, when Sony is led by a man who displayed his anti-American attitude. George continues promoting changes of the US society, and when unemployed, is offered good money for starting a fire in a large insurance fraud, because no one would ever suspect him. He naturally declines. Czechoslovakia is separated, same as during Hitler’s era, into Czech Republic and Slovakia. Divide and conquer! It is done illegally, unconstitutionally, because the Constitution requires a referendum for a such division. The treacherous Czechoslovak government ignores it.
  27. REVENGE  Sony’s founders Morita and Ibuka, who started and have been running the company together, both suddenly suffer a stroke, which makes them speechless and puts them in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives. This cripples Sony. Czech Republic becomes nothing more than German colony or a new Protectorate Böhmen und Märhen.
  28. Goober and Peters‘ management and other practices at Columbia Pictures bilk Sony of billions of dollars. Ohga, Sony’s CEO, is responsible. Not only that he does not commit hara-kiri as some of his countrymen would; he does not even step down from his position. In Japan a man like that would normally, in shame, step down. Germany continues colonizing Eastern Europe (EE) per Hitler’s 4th Reich plan. George continues with his critique of the US society and calls for changes. By this time, he has been warned independently by two different people that rebels can get killed for working against the establishment. One of the people, who warned him, was a co-worker, who hinted to work in the past for a state security agency, which he would not name, and talked about his friend being killed after filming something he was not supposed to. Another person who warned him was a woman he knew and she was talking about her ex-boyfriend. George by that time received other hints, but did not take them as warnings, only as stories of something that has happened, and kept on believing that one needs to do what is right, help the underdog and fight the evil. That is how he was brought up and how he has behaved all his life.
  29. George writes a letters to Idei. He is Sony’s CEO, named by Ohga, against Morita’s wishes that a technical expert should be in charge of the company. Ohga becomes the chairman despite the fact that his involvement in the purchase of Columbia Pictures caused the company basically loss of 3 billion dollars. Before naming Idei, he visits Morita, who is in wheelchair and unable to communicate, probably even understand what one is saying to him. Ohga then claims that he got Morita’s blessings for naming Idei, who does not have a high enough position, background, and experience to be promoted to lead the company. One of the things that Sony under Idei, the company’s ex marketing man does, is changing Aiwa logo into Aiva. After George’s complaint Sony is starting to add Aiwa stickers to the Aiva-labeled products. Soon after that Aiwa folds. Idei is known to read a lot of books on how to run Sony right. He runs its image straight to ground. He’s receiving advice from many prominent Americans on how to manage the company. Then he starts claiming that image is no longer important. One would call it a demented statement, especially since Hirai’s expertise is marketing. While Morita was teaching Americans how to run companies, Idei listens to Americans how to run Sony. One wonders if Ohga was influenced by someone to purposely put in charge a wrong man, so that Sony would start losing money and as a result would be stopped in its practice of getting involved further in the US media or entertainment business. One may also wander if he was selected so that Ohga does not look as bad, because Idei would do to Sony even more damages, or if it is a combination of these two reasons.
  30. NEOCOLONIZATION  German colonization of EE continues. Gypsies are being totally discriminated. The German firms that more or less invaded Eastern Europe after the fall of Communism would not employ them. Germany will not accept them or compensate them for Holocaust, despite of tremendous outflow of money (profits) from EE to Germany. During Communism all the Gypsies worked and were being assimilated into the society. Now they are unemployed and the Czech state, which Germany controls via its BND, pays them money to have a lot of children, and naturally not to move to Germany. Hitler would not have thought it out better. George works for a major California polluter; the management is close to being jailed for years-lasting extremely serious EPA violations. George writes a report about the horrible situation to the CEO of the parent company, and the EPA violations are just a small portion of the report. A coworker calls him brave. George does not understand. He just does what is right!
  31. Czech Republic, the illegal, illegitimate state, which was created illegally, joins NATO without having mandate from its people. Among other things George and his wife are being followed by a car that eventually speeds off as George stops and gets out of his car. His son is befriended by two students-agents, who tried to get some negative information from him about George, but he does not have any. They even try to get him involved in crime, drugs, etc. George gets physically attacked by a man. The police refuse to investigate it. Then he gets fired from his job for telling the truth. He wants to sue the company, and one known law firm is ready, but when he mentions that something in the company reminds him of a CIA operation, they change their mind, so another law firm sues the corporation.
  32. In George’s lawsuit against the polluter eventually even the judge lies, protecting the crooked multinational. George is given documents by his lawyer to sign – that he agrees with the settlement. They however include many things that he never agreed on, even things like that if his wife discloses what he knows, he’ll get an extremely high fine. His lawyer and the judge both lie that he agreed to everything and the judge announces the agreement valid as if signed, despite the fact that George never signed it. The judge then threatens him with hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines if he ever discloses what he knows. The multinational is soon after that broken up, renamed, and parts of it are sold.
  33. An American company has past and will have future ties with Hitler’s favorite Bayer, whose subsidiary is responsible for tragedy in Congo, when it fuels the civil war to control Coltan mining, thus being responsible for some one million deaths. Coltan is a very expensive mineral and the German company used even 7-year-old kids in mining this toxic substance, causing them to have very short lives, while paying them 1 dollar a day. So the German merciless inhuman holocaust has a new phase and German colonization extends not only to EE, but also to Africa, as such thing is typical for work of colonizer’s secret services. The fact that Germans were responsible for killing 80 million people in WW2 means nothing to them. They feel no shame, no remorse. Instead of compensating families of the victims, they keep on killing more. Monsanto is producing and marketing toxic Synthetic Bovine Growth Hormone.  George writes a letters to Stringer, the new Sony CEO, a partially-blind man, who after being named to his position, reads books on how to run a corporation right.
  34. Czech Republic quits manufacturing Russian-designed MIG fighter jets, sells its army’s functional ones for peanuts, and buys Swedish ones – although it does not need any for its protection. The contract is worth about 30 billion Czech Crowns and about 10% of it is used to bribe Czech politicians. In addition to bribes they are promised that if they vote for the contract, they will be reelected. The ones that vote for it are later on all reelected, naturally with the help of German-owned “Czech” media. The ones who were bribing were British agents. Prior to that use of GMO (genetically modified organisms) in food is unanimously approved by the legislature, on recommendation of a Parliamentary committee, without allowing any discussions by legislators. Monsanto is world’s biggest producer of GMO. Another big producer is Hitler’s favorite Bayer. Extreme effort is made to promote on TV Nova, the most popular Czech national TV network, things like anal sex, lowlife, drug culture, use of profanities, etc. – especially to young people. Ex US ambassador is associated with the network, which has US funding.
  35. Natural medicine cures, which were practiced at major spa towns, that were free to anyone, are by now practically eliminated. EE becomes a testing ground for untested medicines of the Western pharmaceutical industry. There were in the past three major film festivals in the world, in Cannes France, Venice Italy and Carlsbad, Czechoslovakia. Problem with Carlsbad is that it is the largest center of natural spa cures, which the pharmaceutical industry works hard to eliminate, so the festival has to be destroyed too. It moves to obscurity, becoming festival of 3rd world countries, where Czech Republic now belongs – and Berlin Germany film festival is becoming one of the world’s major ones. Near Carlsbad, Dr. Foltyn and his team, were capable of permanently curing practically all types of cancers without any drugs, radiation, etc. He dies, one can only wonder if of natural causes, while the German press lies that the Communists are responsible for end of his cancer treatment method. Near Carlsbad is also a facility, where antibiotic resistant tuberculosis, which has developed on the US and other countries, could be cured, but no one ever brings it up. The AIDS and cancer medicines that the Czechs developed were given to the Western pharmaceutical industry and no one hears of them again.
  36. George goes on a vacation to Czech Republic. He finds that everything good was destroyed. He criticizes the Germans for colonizing the country. They own the media, politicians; lie to people that the government is building democracy, but that it is a slow process. They are actually building a German colony and it is a fast process. Traitors, whose families‘ properties were confiscated after WW2 for collaboration with the Nazis, are in top government positions and want the Sudeten Germans back. These traitors arrange that property, which was confiscated from their families after WW2, is returned. George writes a book 2020, where he discloses couple of psychic visions of the future and states that Orwell was wrong only in the year, which is not 1984, but will be around 2020. Qatar prince is released from Czech jail before start of a trial for molesting children – Czech girls. The Germans were behind his illegal release. It is naturally work of the German BND and we can only assume that large bribes were involved, and that the German government benefited nicely, and what is interesting is that the repressive Islamic Qatar regime used their German buddies in this illegal anti Czech operation.
  37. Not only are Germans responsible for destroying, via puppet governments, high Czech culture, promotion of drug culture, prostitution, etc., but after doing so, they are showing on German TV how terrible Czech Republic and its people are. The once superior Czech educational system is run to ground. Special Ed is basically eliminated and very low IQ pupils are allowed to attend normal schools. The compulsory elementary education runs for 9 years. The first portion lasts 5 years and a pupil does not have to learn anything, does not have to learn how to read or write a single word, or add 1 plus 1, as he can repeat just one school year. The next portion of studies is through 9th grade and he can repeat only one school year there too, so after spending 11 years in 9-year elementary education, one does not have to learn anything. Prior to that Czech special ed elementary school was about on the same level as American High School. They had even lower level of special ed for the most problematic pupils. Now even these can attend normal elementary programs, while the German owned media keeps on clapping to the progress the Czech educational system is making. It becomes known that one, once prestigious, Czech state university was selling degrees to mafia family members and was giving them for merely attending several weekend seminars to politicians and policemen. Good experienced criminologists are losing their job positions to these new “college graduates.” Czech politician with a very strong mafia tie is to investigate. No one is punished. Practically no college degrees are revoked, as German press keeps on praising how superbly the investigation is being conducted.
  38. George writes a letter to Hirai, who has a degree in liberal arts studies, who became Sony’s CEO after Stringer names him into this function – because they both were on the same wavelength of continuing associating Sony electronics with their film studios, which was the main reason for Sony’s image to be run down and for rapid decline in profits. Hirai is known to be the one-man show at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where Samsung and Panasonic, Sony’s main competitors, have superior presentations, in contrast to Hirai’s one, where he displays arrogance, imperfect English, and overall so so image of Sony as a brand. The Germans want the Sudetenland back. No one talks anymore about the hundreds of thousands of Czechs that were killed by Germans. All we hear is that tens of thousands of Germans were killed by the Czechs, which is a total lie, and the Internet is full of it. It can’t be anything else, but one of BND Goebbels-style propaganda projects.
  39. George wakes up and is dragged by some force to go to the computer to look up his cousin Peter, which he never did before. Peter, who escaped from Communist Czechoslovakia, lives in Germany, where he has for years directed electronic research projects. George comes almost right away across a new German article about Peter, and since his German is very bad, calls Peter’s wife and learns that Peter disappeared the day before. George then, with the help of a known psychic, informs the police that Peter died in an avalanche and where his dead body is. That is where they find it. Despite being dead, he continues sending messages to George to not forget to do something important.
  40. A man calls for a new Holocaust. He works with a religious Sudeten-German businessman, who goes to church in Germany – and to sex parties in the Czech Republic. After George promotes things like resurrection of the natural cures, of the Dr. Foltyn’s cancer treatment method, etc., and wants to bring American patients in to be able to benefit from these cures, wants to revive the Carlsbad International Film Festival, etc., suddenly surface phony lawsuits against him and his friend; crimes by judges, policemen, etc. follow. There is an innocent man Jiri Kajinek in jail for life, a scapegoat for policemen, who were the actual murderers. George is threatened that will end up the same way, that all that is needed are three fake witnesses. This is something practically unheard of to happen to an American citizen there; it is an indication that the US, which became very active in EE after the fall of Communism, gave it an OK or requested it.
  41. NEVER-ENDING HOLOCAUST  Germany totally colonized EE. People are now poor; some are starving. Salaries in the Czech Republic are only 28% of the Gross National Product. There is an extreme corruption; elections are rigged. To the clapping of German media is unveiling a new sort of a Holocaust chapter, in which hundreds of thousands of Czech men with basic education die 15 years earlier than they normally would, due to malnutrition, disappear, or homelessness – as their homes are taken away from them for nothing more than not having enough money to pay bus fare once, or just on some trumped up untrue charges, because some crook wants their home for fraction of its cost. The victims are losing lawsuits – as they do not even have to be served. It is enough if the court informs them on the court bulletin board, but the courts generally do not do it at all, or do it somewhere in the building, where no one would be able to see it, plus, who would go to the courts regularly to see if a note for him is hanging there somewhere? This is just a tip of an iceberg. We can estimate that 10% of Eastern European population dies prematurely due to its colonization. The media that clapped to all of this for two and a half decades is no longer in German hands, as they sold it to “honest” oligarchs, who came to money in “honest” ways, which the German media supported.
  42. The Kalergi Foundation bestows upon German Angela Merkel an award for support of the Kalergi plan, which violates human rights of European nations as it it wants to destroy and replace them with a mass of people mixed with Africans and Asians, which would feel no national attachments and would be easily controlled.
  43. There is an effort to jail George for life. Ex-Communist spies run detective agencies; infect people with diseases, even AIDS, for money, provide false incriminating evidence and witnesses to law firms, again for money. There are anti-government rallies, anti-Semitic rallies, anti Gypsy rallies; Heil Hitler salutes, but no anti-German protests at all. The German and pro German media have always blamed someone else, so the general population has no clue, who is in reality responsible.
  44. There is a revolt in the Ukraine. Neo-Nazis are growing in power; in Poland and Hungary too. Czech neo-Nazis have close ties with German ones. They all support Germany. It appears very likely that Germany is behind these neo-Nazi movements.
  45. ISLAMIZATION  Waves of immigrants flow to Europe: Terrorists, Western culture haters, Christian haters, Jew haters, people who hate European values. Germany pushes Czech Republic to accept them. The treacherous Czech government keeps them in camps not because they came to Czech Republic illegally, but to keep them from going to Germany. Everything is done for Germany. Germany exerts tremendous pressure on the Czech government to allow large immigration of these people into Czech Republic. EU orders the Czech government to pay them welfare payments, which are about the same as what typical Czech worker makes.
  46. As Israel grows in power and Germany sees that the world is beginning to realize that the WW2 Holocaust was not its only one, it is presenting its humanitarian face, showing that it is more human than any other nation. So it vehemently promotes Syrian and African immigration to Germany and to the rest of EU. It looks that one day the white German population will be mixed with migrants, so it will no longer be true German. They must show the world that Holocaust was not German, but Hitler’s thing and that they are actually the ones who fight racism. In reality they plan something very different. The low living standard in EE is a portion of German plan to start a Holocaust there – and for Germany to save its victims, thereby vindicating themselves from being the bad guys – mass murderers. They already helped develop dislike or hate towards the Gypsies; partially even against the Jews. Now all they have to do is develop certain economic and other conditions to have their Islamic immigrant population transferred to EE, and should economic depression strike, which is in the plans, it is a recipe for a revolt against the problematic Islamists, likely even against the Gypsies and to a certain extent the Jews. So the Germans would not have to mix with the Islamists at all, as they will be showing their human face by saving the Muslims, Gypsies, and Jews from other Europeans instead.
  47. The Czech government arranges that German police can come to the Czech Republic uninvited and shoot demonstrators at any time. Portion of the Czech army is put under German command. The treacherous Czech politicians want to stay in power. They believe that this will save them. The Germans have more important and refined plans. They are planning to instigate a racial revolt or pogrom and then they will come to stop it – to protect the innocent victims.
  48. George calls for boycott of German products and nationalization of German properties; calls for a new Velvet Revolution, similar to the one of 1989, but this time without traitors, collaborators, and agents. Other activists call for a bloody revolution. There are demonstrations against immigrants. George claims that the only solution is a peaceful change similar to the one on Iceland; gets warned that if he’ll promote things like taxation according to damages and similar things, he will be killed.
  49. George, at the same time as he wants to change the Czech Republic, continues to promote changes in the American society, like taxation according to damages, subsidies according to benefits, writing English phonetically, shows how hundreds of billions are wasted due to the lighting and other conspiracies, calls for a 4-day workweek, etc. His car gets broken into. He is getting death threats that he and people around him will be killed even if he returns to the US. He returns anyway – and the FBI refuses to help him.
  50. George writes a letter to Yoshida, who now runs Sony and again is not an electronics expert, so he does not understand electronics. He is not even a marketing man; basically just understands well finances. He continues with the same old policies that caused Sony to abandon a number of product lines, because, due to lost brand image, they were no longer profitable. The Japanese and their culture, which were loved and admired in the Communist Czechoslovakia, are now being scorned upon. The Japanese are called Asiats, an ugly term constantly used by the German-controlled media. Sony products don’t carry high image anymore worldwide. This, once one of the world’s most favorite and valuable brands now has a value which sits at No. 61 between Starbucks and Colgate. Superior Japanese cars are not selling well in the Czech Republic. Practically all the cars sold there are made by German-owned factories. Most Japanese cars made in the Czech Republic are sold and exported to other European countries under non-Japanese labels.
  51. Volkswagen cheated for 10 years word-wide on emissions of their diesel cars, causing illness, cancer, and tens of thousands of early deaths, thus creating a never ending extension to the German Holocaust. Thousands of Germans must have known about this, but they were silent, just as they were silent during the Holocaust of WW2. If you can’t beat the Japanese in quality and low emissions, beat them by lying, cheating, and killing! VW is getting away with this mass murder again quite easily. In the German colony Czech Republic, they don’t even have to pay the cheated car owners for caused damages. How is it possible? One of the explanations for everything is that VW, similarly as other German international organizations, are full of BND spies and they bring results not only for Germany, but also for other world powers, so VW is rewarded by getting a lot of slack for its illegal death causing activities, just as they are allowed to discriminate the Gypsies. Image of the VW brand is not at all tarnished even by its past genocidal practices on the level of Doctor Mengele from the time of Nazism, not even by violating patents of the Czech car-maker Tatra, which until the end of Communist era produced high quality luxury cars.
  52. Monsanto, which was for decades producing cancer causing products, is bought out by a German pharmaceutical-chemical giant Bayer. This Hitler’s favorite company now continues to manufacture and distribute some of the worst poisons, developed by Monsanto, a corporation many people associate on the internet with Satan.
  53. You’ll have to go see the movie to find out how things continue. I will not disclose them here.
  55. VISIONS OF WW4  

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